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Rihanna and Drake spend $10,000 in cash on One Stripper

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Rihanna and her on-off boyfriend, Drake showed up at VLive in Houston on Wednesday night, and dropped $17,000 in cash during their visit.

After catching each other’s shows over the last couple of days, they went to the club with an entourage and took a liking to a few of the dancers.

Drake and RiRi reportedly tossed out so much cash, the strippers were stuck at the club until 6:30 am counting the stacks!


** Allegedly, Drake spent about $12,000 last night and Rihanna spent more than $5,000. One stripper (Blaze) said that she herself collected around $10,000 from the duo and the rest was split among some of the other ladies.

Drake and Rihanna “looked like a couple,” sat very close to each other and were even dressed alike. The two were “really cool people”


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