The Number One Thing Moms Want For Mother’s Day Is Quality Time With You . . . But You’d Rather Send Flowers


In a new survey, the NUMBER ONE thing moms say they want for Mother’s Day is . . . QUALITY TIME with you.  Unfortunately for her, you’re SUPER BUSY because you’re SO IMPORTANT . . . so you only plan on sending flowers.

 Here are the top five things moms want.  (They could give multiple answers.)

  1.   44% of mothers say they want quality time with you.
  2.   29% want gift cards.
  3.   28% want flowers.
  4.   26% want jewelry.
  5.   26% want a meal out.

 37% of people plan to give their mother flowers . . . only 29% will spend quality time with her . . . 29% will take her out to a meal . . . 19% will give her a card . . . and 19% will give her a gift card.

 The average person will spend under $100 on Mother’s Day . . . but 2% of people will spend over $500.

What are you most likely to get for your Mom for Mothers day

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