Justin Bieber has a security guard watching him sleep

justin_bieberJustin has gotten “paranoid” about his crazy fans breaking into his hotel room so he hired a 24-hour “army of giants”, and even has two in reserve to cover when they need breaks.

A source said: “Justin can’t be alone at night right now. He is paranoid about fans breaking into his room, and he hears noises all the time. It freaks him out. As well as the ever-present guard in his room and the one outside, he also has two on standby to take over when his men need breaks.”

“All of the burly guys are around 6ft 5in tall and weigh around 250lb. He wants an army of giants protecting him. Justin is now used to having a guard watch him sleep and he wants the arrangement to continue after the tour finishes. He also begged his mother Pattie to accompany him on most of the concert dates. She was asked to combine her book signing tour with his gigs because he gets so anxious.”



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