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Hey gals, you may want to think twice the next time you complain to your spouse about the beer belly he’s getting from drinking too many pints. Seems, all those suds may help you become a mommy one day. According to a new study out of Massachusetts General Hospital, drinking beer can actually help increase a man’s chances of having a baby.

The study looked at the habits of men around the age of 37, whose partners were undergoing IVF fertility treatments. Apparently, of the 105 men studied, those who drank at least 22g of alcohol (about a pint and a half of beer) daily were two times as likely to have a baby using IVF than those who didn’t drink beer.

But while beer may be great for a male’s fertility, caffeine had the exact opposite affect. In fact, men who drank at least 264mg of coffee were the least likely to have a baby, indicating that all that caffeine could harm a man’s sperm count. If they decreased their coffee intake to less than one a day, their chances of conceiving rose 52 percent. But they were a heck of a lot grumpier.


Source: New York Post

TL/DR: New study suggest a beer a day can help a man become a daddy

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A Guy Dances Weirdly After He Gets Two Good Spins on “The Price Is Right” http://www.mix1079.net/a-guy-dances-weirdly-after-he-gets-two-good-spins-on-the-price-is-right/ http://www.mix1079.net/a-guy-dances-weirdly-after-he-gets-two-good-spins-on-the-price-is-right/#comments Tue, 21 Oct 2014 13:33:15 +0000 http://www.mix1079.net/?p=3790 Unless you’re unemployed or a 90-year-old woman, you probably didn’t catch “The Price Is Right” yesterday, and that’s a shame.

A contestant named Eliot got two really great spins on the wheel, which totaled to about $26,000 in prize money. To celebrate, Eliot did weird dances where he appeared to hump both the ground and the air around him.

On top of the 26-grand, Eliot also ended up winning an 11-night cruise to Tahiti, and a Mitsubishi Mirage.

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Mixmas 2014 feat. Fall Out Boy & Fifth Harmony http://www.mix1079.net/mixmas-2014/ http://www.mix1079.net/mixmas-2014/#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 13:26:14 +0000 http://www.mix1079.net/?p=3780 Fall-Out-Boy-900-6001

Mixmas 2014 has been announced. Here is your lineup!

  • MKTO



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You’re Basically Worthless at Work by 10:19 A.M. on Friday http://www.mix1079.net/youre-basically-worthless-at-work-by-1019-a-m-on-friday/ http://www.mix1079.net/youre-basically-worthless-at-work-by-1019-a-m-on-friday/#comments Fri, 17 Oct 2014 13:36:42 +0000 http://www.mix1079.net/?p=3777 A_86rFpCQAAMrHW

At what point do you switch off at work, and start thinking about the weekend? Well, apparently it’s about an hour after you START work on Friday.

According to a new survey, the average person starts winding down and worrying about their weekend plans at 10:19 Friday morning.

Obviously you still get SOME work done after that. But not nearly as much as you do the rest of the week.

On the flip side, 44% said they think about work DURING the weekend. And 20% think about it so much, it sometimes RUINS their weekend.

The survey also found the average person is willing to spend $260 to have a GREAT Saturday and Sunday. But 47% of us basically do the same stuff most of the time.

And 10% of us have lied to our friends and co-workers, or embellished what we did over the weekend so we’d seem more interesting.

(Daily Mail)

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A Woman’s Terrible, Generic Password Ended Up Saving Her Life http://www.mix1079.net/a-womans-terrible-generic-password-ended-up-saving-her-life/ http://www.mix1079.net/a-womans-terrible-generic-password-ended-up-saving-her-life/#comments Thu, 16 Oct 2014 14:13:35 +0000 http://www.mix1079.net/?p=3774 6a00d834543b6069e200e5518a91f68833-800wi

Here’s someone who’s lucky she picks terrible passwords . . . because it ended up saving her LIFE.

On Monday, a 28-year-old woman lost control of her car and drove off a cliff near San Jose, California. And she had OnStar, which should have told police where she was. But for some reason, it didn’t work right. (The woman hasn’t been identified.)

Luckily, a cop named Dave Cameron showed up at her family’s house after they reported her missing. And he asked if she had an iPhone, because he knew they come with an app called “Find My iPhone” that shows exactly where it is.

The problem was, they needed to access her iPad to check it, and her family didn’t know her password. But apparently it was pretty generic . . . because Dave was able to guess it on the THIRD TRY. And the app ended up leading them straight to her.

It turned out she was face down in a ravine, and couldn’t reach her phone. A Coast Guard helicopter eventually got to her more than 17 HOURS after the crash happened.

At the hospital, she was treated for injuries to her legs and stomach. And she was pretty out of it, so it’s still not clear what caused the crash. But it sounds like she’ll be okay.


(San Jose Mercury News

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DIY Relaxation: 18 Ways to De-Stress http://www.mix1079.net/diy-relaxation-18-ways-to-de-stress/ http://www.mix1079.net/diy-relaxation-18-ways-to-de-stress/#comments Wed, 15 Oct 2014 20:18:33 +0000 http://www.mix1079.net/?p=3769 shutterstock_2271399

By Labdoor.com

Stress is often seen as a negative effect on the body, but it is very essential to life. It is the “fight or flight” system that is naturally part of our survival system. Stress is bad when it overwhelmingly impacts our health equilibrium. Everyone deals with stress, in one way or another. It is associated with higher levels of cortisol, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Accumulated unmanaged stress can lead to major physical and psychological illness, including depression, overeating, excessive sleep, and irritability. While it is impossible to avoid stress completely, it is possible to manage your stress. Here are a few ways:

1. Get a massage.
Massage has been shown to be effective in reducing mental and physical stress. In one study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, massage helped lessen stress and pain in patients who have chronic pain. Another study in the Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing suggested that 15 minute massages helped reduce the psychological stress of their test subjects. Massage lowers the level of cortisol and increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine.

2. Go for a walk.
Going for a walk can clear your mind and keep your body healthy. Walking helps increase your endorphins which can give you a euphoric feeling and it reduces the levels of cortisol. It will give you a boost of energy while reducing your fatigue. On top of that, simply being outside also helps reduce stress and helps increase memory and attention span.

3. Stress relief with a pet.
Studies have shown that pet therapy helps reduce anxiety and stress for many people. One study showed that it helped students during exam times. Another study showed that patients experienced a 37% deduction in anxiety if they spend time with animals before their medical operations. Having an animal around distracts them from their worries. Stress relief pets lowers blood pressure and cortisol. While dogs and cats are usually the choice of pet for stress relief, other animals can also help. Watching fishes in an aquarium has also been shown to reduce your blood pressure.

4. Drink tea.
Green tea lowers your blood pressure and is full of antioxidants that is beneficial for your health. In one study, black tea helped lower cortisol and reduced stress after six weeks of drinking tea more so than subjects who were drinking placebo drinks.

5. Get proper sleep.
A study in children showed that disruptive sleep shows a higher level of cortisol. By having a restful and high quality sleep and undisruptive naps, one’s cortisol levels will decrease. Another study tested on healthy young men has shown that taking proper naps throughout the day will lower one’s cortisol levels.

6. Work out.
Hit the gym or go for a run. This allows your body and mind to focus on something that is healthy for your well-being. While it distracts you from the cause of your stress, it also increases your endorphins and decreases your levels of cortisol. Endorphins is the natural “feel good” hormone that is released when you exercise. The more aerobic your workout is, the more endorphins your body release.

By taking deep, slow breaths, your blood pressure and heart rate also slows down, which counteracts the effects of stress. This also allows you to relax and clear your mind and is largely used in meditation. It has been shown to reduce anxiety and help folks with depression.

8. Use guided visualizations.
This is a technique that many people use to relax, control their stress, and help them achieve their goals. One study shows that subjects reported less perceived and dyadic stress after using this stress managing tool. Guided visualization allows people to imagine and consciously think about certain issues and helps people get in touch with their intuition. This usually leads to feeling refreshed and has helped many attain a higher self-esteem.

9. Aromatherapy.
Certain plant oils have been found to relieve nervous tension or anxiety. The scents of certain plants, such as lavender, can ease our stress and relax us. These scents can create a mood for us and some may even bring us memories or thoughts associated with the smell. Aromatherapy is often used with massages, meditations, and hot baths. It is a wonderful calming experience for those who have tried it.

10. Turn your phone off.
Your smartphone allows you to access the rest of the world. This will allow stress to come to you if you see certain things happening in your close circle online or in the world. According to one study, work-related emails through smartphone causes higher stress in people. By turning off your phone, you shut the external stress out and it allows you to focus on yourself and your immediate surroundings. Escaping technology can be a very relaxing experience that everyone should try, whether its during the weekend or during vacation.

11. Meditate.
Meditation has been used for thousands of years to help find your inner self and has sometimes been used as part of religious purposes. It is an inexpensive technique used to release your stress and allows you to clear your mind. Pairing it up with breathing exercises can further lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Meditation can help you find tranquility and clarity in your thoughts.

12. Enjoy a hot bath.
A hot bath can help relieve the tension on your muscles, lessen the pain on your body, and it provides a comfortable environment that surrounds your body. It also promotes blood circulation and calms the nervous system. Water can be infused with minerals and other products such as Dead Sea salt or oil for an aroma and soothing feeling.

13. Yoga.
Yoga is an excellent weight and stress management tool. It helps your balance, flexibility, and strengthens your core. Studies have shown that yoga is promising in reducing anxiety and stress in people who practice yoga. While yoga should not completely replace pharmacological medication to help with anxiety and stress, it is highly recommended to supplement pharmacological medicine with yoga. Yoga originated in India and has been around for more than 5,000 years. It also helps with bronchitis, chronic pain, and some symptoms of menopause.

14. Listen to music.
Certain music gets people in certain moods or thoughts. A study has shown that patients in post surgery who listened to music had lower stress levels than those who did not listen to music. Another study also shows that people from different cultural backgrounds prefered different types of music for pain and stress relief. While everyone’s preference is different, find music that is soothing for you.

15. Laugh.
Going to a comedy show or watching a funny movie will help manage your stress. One study showed that there are lower levels of the salivary endocrinological stress marker chromogranin A (CgA) in those who watched a humorous movie. Along with less stress, these subjects also reported a feeling of being uplifted and fulfilled.

16. Try a craft.
Finding a hobby and keep your hands busy will distract your mind from stressors. Studies have shown that doing a craft enhances relaxation, especially for children and seniors. It is used quite often as a therapeutic healing method. Craft is helpful because it allows you to express yourself in an artistic way.

17. Write down your thoughts.
Keeping a journal or diary of your thoughts and activities allows you to express yourself and your feelings. It is thought to help you understand your feeling, organize your thoughts, and reflect on your choices. Your journal is also a place for you to let your emotions out that you wouldn’t let out otherwise. One of the best part of journaling is that you can write down your negative emotions so that you move on with the positive emotions.

18. Avoid caffeine.
Try to avoid coffee, energy drinks, and other drinks that are heavy in caffeine. Caffeine increases catecholamines and cortisol, which are both stress hormones, while increasing dopamine for a quick “feel good” response that will wear off quickly and make you feel low. Drink green tea instead.

Takeaway Point: Stress is needed for survival, but it is important to control your stress. If left unmanaged, it can build up and cause psychological and physical harm. Stress works differently for everyone; therefore, how one manages their stress may not necessarily work as well for another. It is good to explore different paths to handle your stress.

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A Guy Wins $1 Million in the Lottery, and Splits It With His Brother . . . Because They Made a Pact When They Were Kids http://www.mix1079.net/a-guy-wins-1-million-in-the-lottery-and-splits-it-with-his-brother-because-they-made-a-pact-when-they-were-kids/ http://www.mix1079.net/a-guy-wins-1-million-in-the-lottery-and-splits-it-with-his-brother-because-they-made-a-pact-when-they-were-kids/#comments Wed, 15 Oct 2014 16:56:02 +0000 http://www.mix1079.net/?p=3763 1-ePX

Earlier this month, 45-year-old Eric Hale of Bend, Oregon checked the numbers on a Powerball ticket he bought, and realized he’d won a MILLION BUCKS. And that actually presented him with a PROBLEM.

Because back when he was a kid, Eric promised his brother Quinn that if he ever won the lottery, he’d split it with him.

Now, obviously they were kids, and I don’t think most people would blame him if he pretended to FORGET about it. There’s gotta be some kind of statute of limitations on an offer like that.

But instead, Eric immediately called his brother, told him he won . . . and said he was KEEPING his promise.

They got their money this past Thursday, and each took home about $335,000 after taxes.



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Impossible Question of the Day – October 15th http://www.mix1079.net/impossible-question-of-the-day-october-15th/ http://www.mix1079.net/impossible-question-of-the-day-october-15th/#comments Wed, 15 Oct 2014 14:48:26 +0000 http://www.mix1079.net/?p=3761 IMPOSSIBLE

On average you will change this every three years.

What is it?

Answer: Your Voicemail greeting

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A Farmer Has Found a Way to Grow Pumpkins That Look Just Like Frankenstein’s Monster http://www.mix1079.net/a-farmer-has-found-a-way-to-grow-pumpkins-that-look-just-like-frankensteins-monster/ http://www.mix1079.net/a-farmer-has-found-a-way-to-grow-pumpkins-that-look-just-like-frankensteins-monster/#comments Tue, 14 Oct 2014 13:22:14 +0000 http://www.mix1079.net/?p=3747 cingaro farms 600x450

Instead of carving a pumpkin LIKE A SUCKER this year, just let creepy agricultural engineering take care of things for you.

Tony Dighera is a farmer in Fillmore, California, and he figured out a way to grow pumpkins in a mold that makes them look just like Frankenstein’s monster. They’re tall, narrow, and have the monster face molded right into them.

It took him four years and $500,000 to get these pumpkins right. They’re sold out on his website right now but grocery stores around the world are importing them . . . if your grocery store has them, expect to pay at least $100 each.

Tony is working on a new mold now for pumpkins that look like a Jolly Roger-type pirate . . . those will be on sale next Halloween.

(Los Angeles Daily News


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A Kid Stood in the Background of a News Report, and Showed Off His Embarrassing Dance Moves http://www.mix1079.net/a-kid-stood-in-the-background-of-a-news-report-and-showed-off-his-embarrassing-dance-moves/ http://www.mix1079.net/a-kid-stood-in-the-background-of-a-news-report-and-showed-off-his-embarrassing-dance-moves/#comments Mon, 13 Oct 2014 16:44:02 +0000 http://www.mix1079.net/?p=3744 diva
On Thursday night, a reporter in Las Vegas was doing a story on a new shopping center. And one of the people behind her was a kid who wouldn’t stop showing off his embarrassing DANCE moves.

It was actually half-dancing, and half-posing like he was on a catwalk or something. Then apparently someone in the crowd annoyed him, because he shot a nasty look their way . . . then went right back to dancing.

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