You Can Undo a Month of Dieting in Less Than a Week


The thing about dieting is you have to keep DOING it. Forever. Otherwise you go back to those delicious, candy-coated curves we love so much. But check out how FAST it happens. According to a new study, you can undo a month of dieting in less than a WEEK. The average person who tries to […]

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New Photo Trend Alert: ‘Fakecationing’ . . . Where You Take Fake Vacation Photos in Front of Pictures of Exotic Places

fakecation 2

Do you feel like a loser when your friends on Facebook are constantly posting incredible vacation photos from around the world? Well now, you can make THEM feel like garbage without even leaving your house. There’s a new photo trend online called ‘Fakecationing,’ where people take FAKE vacation photos. It’s basically photos of them in […]

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Chromeo Meet & Greet


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Panic! At the Disco Donated $20 to the HRC for Every Member of the WBC Who Picketed Their Show


This is one of the best reactions to the Westboro Baptist Church’s hateful protests: The “church” recently announced they were going to picket a PANIC! AT THE DISCO show in Missouri . . . so the band posted a Facebook message saying that they’d donate $20 to the Human Rights Campaign for every Westboro protester […]

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Weird Al Is Releasing Eight New Videos in Eight Days


Weird Al Is Releasing Eight New Videos in Eight Days . . . and the First One Is a Parody of “Happy” Featuring Jack Black “WEIRD AL” YANKOVIC has a new album out today called “Mandatory Fun”. It includes parodies of songs by Lorde, Imagine Dragons, and Iggy Azalea. There’s also a parody of Robin […]

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5 ways to be Romantic for FREE


If you want to do something romantic for someone, but you’re low on cash, here are five romantic gestures that won’t cost you a thing . . . Start their workday off with an unexpected message. Call their voicemail at work and leave a message first thing in the morning. That way, when they get […]

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10 Most Annoying Slang Words Today Include YOLO, Selfie, and Twerking


I’d be fine if I never heard the word “twerking” again. Unless it’s part of the phrase, “Please stop saying the word ‘twerking.’” And I’m not the only one. A new survey asked people to name the most annoying slang words today. Here are the top 10 . . . YOLO. Selfie. Twerking. Cray cray. […]

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American Apparel Posted a Photo of the Challenger Explosion . . . Because They Thought it Showed Fireworks

american apparel challenger 2

This might be one of the worst social media mistakes any company has made . . . and that’s really saying something. American Apparel was posting photos of fireworks for the Fourth of July weekend on their Tumblr page on Thursday. If you don’t know Tumblr, it’s like Twitter but more oriented around posting photos […]

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7 things you didn’t know about the 4th of July


There are actually a lot of things that might surprise you about the Fourth of July, including these seven from When did we declare independence from Great Britain? July 4th, 1776? WRONG. It was July 2nd. In fact, John Adams expected July 2nd to be our national independence day. When was the Declaration of […]

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“Back to the Future 2″ Predictions That are Almost True


In the 1989 sequel “Back to the Future 2″, the heroes travel into the oh-so-distant future of 2015. Since that’s only half a year away, you’re probably wondering why some of the cool stuff they predicted still isn’t in our hands. Well, here are five that may be on the verge of coming true . […]

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